Not sure if the file you downloaded is original?

MyHasher helps you compare signature of your downloaded files

Need a tool that compares two folders?

MyHasher can compare two folders and spot differences

Want to save a signature of your files?

MyHasher generate hashes of files and store them in csv format


signature creation

Signature creation

Do you want to publish a file / setup / iso image online and you are looking to generate a file signature so your users are able to verify the authenticity of your uploads later. MyHasher will help you calculate a hash signature in seconds in any format you.It can save the signature into text files or CSV files.

file verification

File verification

Downloading files from the internet maybe dangerous, it is important to know that the file is original or tampered. Each author provides file signature generaly in MD5 or SHA1 format, using our MyHasher tool you will be able to check if the signature is valid or not.

batch signature

Batch signature

You can easily generate a list of signatures for multiple files in a folder at the same time. One click allows you to generate a list of signatures which can be saved as a text or a CSV file.

folder compare

Compare Folders

Happened to have two folders with the same name and not sure what the differences are? then MyHasher can easly compare two folders and tell you if there are any missing files or differences between files.

portable software

Portable software

MyHasher is a standalone application that can be copied to any location or storage drive like a USB flash drive. it is light and fast, does not require any third parties software to run.

multiple algorithms

Multiple algorithms

MyHasher uses the most common algorithms to generate signatures such as CRC32 / MD5 / SHA1 / SHA 256 / SHA 384 / SHA 512. Simply choose the algorithm you want to use without having to purchase a different version.

features list


  • CRC32
  • MD5
  • SHA1
  • SHA256
  • SHA384
  • SHA512
  • Hash validation
  • Interactive Hash
  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Portable
  • Text hash
  • File hash
  • Folder hash
  • Sub folders hash
  • Search file by hash
  • Folders compare
  • Drag & Drop
  • text export
  • csv export
  • Password generator
  • Hashes benchmarking
  • Easy hash copy
  • Save hashes to txt file
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
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Hashing tool
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Folder comparing
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Hashing tool
File comparing
Folder comparing
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Hashing tool
File comparing
Folder comparing
Activation for 10 devices
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do i need MyHasher ?
MyHasher is the ideal tool to help you generate a file signature and compare between files and folders
How does MyHasher work?
MyHasher is very easy to use with a simple user interface, it includes drag & drop functionality and click to copy to clipboard, simple buttons and lists to display results
How does MyHasher compare files ?
MyHasher uses hashing algorithms to generate file signatures and compare them with other signatures, the process is very simple for each file Haher calculate a corresponding signature that will be unique for that file.
Can i change the hashing algorithm?
Yes you can by selecting one the following algorithms via the interface (CRC32 / MD5 / SHA1 / SHA256 / SHA384 / SHA512)
What is a hashing algorithm?
A hashing algorithm is a computing process in wich a given data is transformed to a unique hash that changes every time the data is changed.
The most common hashing algorithm these days is SHA256.
How many folders MyHasher can compare at a time?
MyHasher can compare two ( 2 ) folders at the same time.
Can MyHasher tell which document is the most recent when comparing folders?
sadly no, MyHasher tells only if two files are same or different for that a versioning software would be a better option.
How can i contact you?
By using our contact form
you can also reach out to us at hello [at]
What are the accepted payment methods?
We use Padlle one of the most secure gateway payment in the world.
You can use your PayPal or credit cards for your transactions.
I downloaded the software but windows tell me its not trusted
our software is not signed currently so its totally normal that you see that
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